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Two names for two genres

I use two different monikers for two broad genres of music I make:



Music released as jo9n is the more "accessible" of the two. It tends to be relaxing, uplifting and meditative. The primary goal of this music is to take you out of awareness of time and space and help transport you to a place of deep relaxation and clarity of thought. It can be used to great effect in aid of concentration (I often listen to this music while working on projects to help me focus) or meditation.

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Dark Atoms

A little more on the exotic side, "Dark Atoms" music can venture into serialism, experimentalism and avant-garde. Stylistically, Dark Atoms music is not all that different from the work I do under the "jo9n" moniker, but you can be sure it will at very least be dark in tone, and perhaps a bit unsettling. It can be challenging at times, but also very interesting and fulfilling to listen to!

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